Why “Cane And Able”? (1 minute read)

Oh come on. Really? Well okay then.

Welcome to the rather odd world of the symbol cane. The experience of being a symbol cane user is pretty new to me and has brought with it nothing but interesting experiences both good and bad.

On the one hand I am a long way from wholly blind and could never describe myself as severely sight-impaired and yet that is largely how cane users, all cane users, are perceived. On the other hand, much as there are many many ways in which I am little more than a person who wears spectacles, there are specific circumstances where the cane is, at minimum, useful and at best a real protection. I’ll be expanding on all of these thoughts in due course but for now I hope to give at least the sense that the sight-impaired or partially-sighted fall between the cracks in discussions on visual impairment. Thus the fairly bad pun for the title of this blog.

I have not a religious bone in my body but once the name arrived fully formed in my head some time ago I’m afraid it’s stuck. No idea why, but it has. I actually really struggle with puns so part of me is appalled with the fact that I’ve gone with one but there you are. Hypocrisy is going to feature at some point in my blog posts so we may as well start as we mean to go on. All better suggestions will be welcome as soon as I get to the point it might be worth opening up comments.