Why A Blog?

There are many and varied resources for the visually impaired and those wishing to learn about visual impairment. Video works for many people. Indeed there are several I view somewhat irregularly and some excellent sites and social media accounts on top of those. I momentarily contemplated a video channel of my own but ruled it out for various reasons not the least of which being I don’t think of myself as especially photogenic.

Whilst that might seem a flippant comment, there’s a darker truth behind it as for many years part of my visual impairment involved a head posture which impacted my ability to comfortably socially interact as well as my sense of self. A lot had changed for the better but I’m not in a place where the anxiety about how my head posture appears ever completely goes away so why fuel the negative stuff?

That aside, I also realised that talking in the kind of detail I want to address here doesn’t really lend itself to a flowing, natural and spontaneous video presentation and, well, if I’m going to have to script something, I may as well just write it in the first place. Some people are genuinely great at that kind of stuff. I’ve no reason to suspect I’m one of them.

Behind that sits the fact that, at heart, I’m a reader and a writer and the latter especially is something I have neglected for years and very much wanted to come back to. So here we are…